Why Use Us.

Often clients come to Home Visuals because they have just received plans drawn up by an architect or space planner, but they struggle to understand what they mean in reality, and they can’t visualise what the finished product will look like.

Doing any work on your home is an expensive undertaking and you can’t afford to get it wrong, so spending a bit of time up front to fully understand what the space or finishes will look like, is invaluable. Many clients have ended up changing their original plans as a result of seeing the images.

The images are also incredibly useful to use when briefing a builder as you can show them exactly what you want, and it avoids confusion and misunderstanding.

Bring your plans to life with Home Visuals.

Reasons to Use Us

Are you:

  • Thinking of doing an extension or renovating your home?
  • Looking at architects plans and struggling to understand what the finished product will look like?
  • Worried that your extension will be out of keeping with the rest of the house?
  • Wanting to look at different external renders, cladding, colours?
  • Wondering what your furniture will look like in a new room and whether it will fit?


If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes”, then Home Visuals can help.


Undertaking any building or interior design work on your house is normally fairly daunting and generally very expensive, so you cannot afford to get it wrong.

Each project is costed for individually as the price is based on the number of images required and the complexity of the job. The cost includes two rounds of amendments.


3D images are useful for so many reasons, in particular:

  • Making sure you are happy with the plans before commencing work
  • Briefing tradesmen
  • Setting an interior design style
  • Seeing various options before committing to the work
  • Use them as part of a planning application
  • Reducing stress and sleepless nights!

How do you want to work with us?


Interior/Exterior Renovation

Many people are now choosing to update their own property, rather than moving. Renovation work can obviously vary enormously in scale and complexity. We are happy to work on projects of any size and budget. Our main aim is that you get it right, up front.

Construction Work

We have worked directly with builders, particularly when plans and planning permission is not required, and their clients are not fully understanding what they are proposing.

Residential Development

We have worked with a number of developers to create images for marketing purposes. These have then been used by estate agents to sell or let the properties.

Interior Design

If you are looking at changing the internal style of your home, we can show you what certain pieces of furniture, or particular tiles or fabrics will look like in a 3d situation. We are happy to work with an interior designer of your choice or can go with your own ideas.


Many of the small architectural practices do not offer 3D visuals for their clients, or they charge a lot of money to do so, as they need to outsource it. We are therefore very happy to work directly with architects or clients to take their plans and transform them into a realistic 3D images.

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