2d floor plan render

2D Plan or Elevation

Are you confused by this and want to know what the finished product will look like?

3d render from 2d floor plan created by home visuals

3D Image

We can turn it into an easy to understand 3D image like this.

What We Do.

We can turn two dimensional plans into real life images that can be used for building projects and for interior design decisions. If you are planning on carrying out any renovation work to your home, whether it’s a large extension or changing things internally, then we can help you visualise your interior or exterior space.

creating 3d renders from 2d floor plans
3d plans for interior design, home renovation and construction projects
We can show you different options for finishes, colours, layout etc, so it’s worth investing the money on images up front, before instructing a builder or decorator and regretting any decisions further down the line, when it’s expensive to change.

Embarking on a building project can be very daunting and often people don’t know where to start. Initially you need to get your ideas on paper and get plans drawn up either by an architect or space planner. We partner with Createspace Design for this. They can hold your hand through this initial stage and the planning process, if required.

Home Visuals can then be taken on, either pre or post planning. Obviously if you decide to use us post planning, and you want to make any amendments to the design after seeing the images, you may need to revise the planning application.

Once you are happy with the plans, have planning permission and have finalised all the external finishes etc, as a result of approving your 3D images, then you can start briefing builders, tradesmen and interior designers etc. Any construction work is generally very expensive so you need to make sure you get it right. Home Visuals charge on a project by project basis, as each job is different, the cost however is generally seen as a price worth paying as it would be far more costly to try and change things during the build process.

home visuals image of 3d visualisation of bedroom

Our Design Process

We undergo a four-stage process to make your ideas come to life…

3d CGI services image icon for initial contact and plans

Initial contact & plans

Ideally, we would like to see your proposed floor plans and elevations, so that we can have these to hand for the consultation phase. These can either be emailed, or we can create a personal Dropbox folder for you. If you need someone to draw up plans for you, we work very closely with Createspace Design.

3d plans image icon for consultation for design process


Once we have had a chance to look at your plans, we take the time to fully understand what you are trying to achieve and where your main areas of concern are, so that we can focus on those. A consultation can either take place face to face, depending on location, or on the phone or Skype.

image icon for agree design costs

Agree costs

Following the consultation, a quote will be sent to you, along with an estimated timescale to carry out the work. Once these have all been agreed, the fun can begin!

3d image creation to be used on interior design, exterior design or renovation projects

Image Creation

This is when the magic happens. As we will have taken the time upfront to understand your requirements, we can create the right number of images for you and not incur unnecessary costs.


we can turn sketches into 3d images for interior design

Our Fees

Each project is quoted for on a job by job basis depending on the complexity, property size and number of images required. We are happy to discuss costs over the phone but a more accurate quote can be given once we receive the floorplans so we can see the scale of the job.



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“Trying to help people visualise your design concept is endlessly difficult. I asked Mel at Home Visuals to help me on a refurbishment project where the owner just couldn’t understand what I was suggesting. A set of 3D’s later and everything was resolved. The client fully understood layout and schemes in a short time, whereas I had been trying for weeks to paint a picture with sketches and mood boards. Amazing. I also used the visuals to brief the contractor. I am convinced he worked more efficiently because he fully understood the end result required. This is a great tool for both business and individual projects. I will be using the company again without doubt.” Kate Todd, Dustylane Limited

“I approached Mel at Home Visuals whilst my development of 8 apartments was underway in Durham.  I wanted to sell off-plan whilst giving potential buyers help with envisaging how the flats would look.  Mel started with a set of plans and used her software along with her marketing and design skills to produce 3D renderings of furnished and decorated rooms.  She listened closely to what I needed, and made helpful suggestions of her own, based on her extensive marketing experience.  Mel was also happy to respond to my feedback on the images and change them accordingly.  The result is a set of impressive rendered images which don’t merely show buyers the layout, but instead present a desirable lifestyle which buyers can relate to.  I have no doubt that Mel’s work will help to sell the apartments, and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.”Bill Pollard, Director, Pollard Property Ltd.

“Working with Melanie really helped us understand and plan our new space.  She took the time to talk through all our thoughts with us, identifying the areas of uncertainty and helping us to consider various options.  Seeing the plans lifted off the page was a really useful process and has helped with our decision making.” Becky P, Horseshoe Rd

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